Textile Inspiration

Before becoming a florist I worked as a textile designer for over 12 years. My medium has shifted in recent years, but I still think of myself as a designer. When I make up a floral arrangement or design flowers for an event, I draw on my years as a textile designer and even my education at Glasgow School of Art. I feel at base it's all the same principals of colour, form and texture. 

So I often find myself wondering how (and if) I can marry the two stages in my career and create something that brings together my two loves of florals and fabric. At the moment it is just a tiny seed of an idea but it is there in my mind and I want to see how it grows. These images are a start to my visual process. When I look at flowers I start to see see how they might work as a textile pattern, either as a figurative design or an abstract one. I have no idea where is it going to take me right now but I am excited and enthused by the possibilities that might happen! Watch this space.